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Welcome to the Ophira Sailing School!  

We are proud to offer both weekday sail camps and private/semi-private sail lessons. With our experienced crew you will learn the ins and outs of sailing in a safe and fun environment. 

Ophira Sailing School Camp

Youth (8-11): Designed for 8 to 11 year olds, this class will provide an introduction to sailing and comfort in and around the water. Activities include group sailing, knot tying, swim test, capsize drill, rigging and de-rigging and partner sailing. The focus is FUN and SAFETY.

Beginner: For beginning sailors 12 and older and those who have minimal experience sailing. Emphasis is on basics and feeling comfortable on the water. Be ready to learn rigging, boat handling, terminology, capsize and recovery, knot tying, and marine safety.

Intermediate: Intended as a follow-up to Beginner. Sailors will strengthen their basic skills, become proficient at all points of sail and sail single-handed. Practicing tacking, jibing, sail trim, boat handling, knot tying, review of weather recognition and capsize and recovery are all goals of the class.

Advanced : Designed for those sailors who have mastered basic sailing. Sailors will strengthen sailing skills, and focus on boat handling, right of way, sailing in all conditions, and partner responsibilities. 

Ophira Sailing School

Weekday Classes ($30/hour): Each week the afternoon class schedule will be posted online at under the calendar.  This is a social group lesson with up to 6 guests. Whether you would like to sit back and take in the scenery or participate hands-on, instructors will teach to your specific needs in this fun atmosphere.   

Weekend Classes ($35/hour)These classes will be a similar structure as the weekday classes and the schedule will also be posted online at under the calendar.  

Private Lessons ($50/hour): Whether you are just getting into boating, bought a new boat, need a refresher or making the switch from power to sail, private instruction sessions can give you the knowledge and peace of mind to enjoy a relaxed day on the water while keeping your crew and vessel safe. With private instruction, the training is custom-tailored to your specific needs with endless learning options. The sessions can involve any combination of training from docking practice, to a classroom course in navigation, to close quarters maneuvering aboard our boat. Each private instruction course is specially designed to meet your specific needs.